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Different kind of Natural products-Next stage of development

Human body is able to cope with any disease when his

Systems are balanced


– Principal way of treatment, by offering human beings a pure form of food

By DtsNewLife – industry leader in the Intelligent Supplementation

The ideas and knowledge in anatomy and physiology of the Western medicine with methods of traditional medicine based on the concept of balance, effective use and smooth flow of the vital energy between cell and tissue

Even conventional medicine likes to see now what the source of health

The most important issue – to prevent "disease care" to "prevention of disease.

The products are formulated using high quality natural ingredients. This section contains scientific information about the components of many foods and ingredients in dietary supplements; they are no toxic and have no side effects

Product Safety

* Complete lines of health products form the foundation of what we believe are the most technologically and scientifically advanced supplements on the market
* They just answer the basic activity of the cells normal condition, then the body can take care of himself, Identify white blood cells that destroy infected or cancerous cells. Immune system back to normal activity itself to match the body when attacked.
* Experiences and maintains continues to help ensure the safety of our products
* The latest technological capabilities; we will not compromise our quality standards
* Uncompromising commitment to understanding our customers


These publications discuss various aspects of glucose metabolism, ranging from basic

Scientific research to describe cases of illness and experience of physicians with miraculous healing properties of GLYCONUTRIENTS

Role of sugars in the body, they are an essential part of glycoprotein's (sugar complexes protein, a huge scope was questioned last twenty years

Although the cells in our body can produce the missing sugars glucose, but this process is very slow and very expensive metabolically. This is because inadequate reactions of the immune system

When these sugars are missing, the cells in our bodies or who are unable to "communicate" with each other, or distorted communication. The result is a disease.

If the cells get the base of these products that they need to function properly, the impact on health status ranged from the amazing great improvement.

It appears that this reversal requires conceptual turning deep assumptions of medical science

Science sugar (GLYCOSCIENCE) supported a huge volume of scientific publications,. Descriptions of thousands of sick patients who were treated only by adding these sugars in their food, indicate that the improvement in their situation and the many cases of disappearance of the disease.

Neurological vulnerability MS cancerous metastases disappear fade; when there is improvement in Alzheimer's disease Parkinson's disease; when there is an increase on IQ of children victims of Downs Syndrome and positive symptoms were diagnosed arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome infections. All of these were documented and published by qualified physicians

DTS New Life products is a leader in the field of glycoscience

Combinations of natural products – medicinal plants & mushrooms, not single compounds.

Natural plants, grown ecologically and without pollution, are rich in the different secondary compounds and contain all the needed enzymes and hormones. This makes them more effective in a synergistic way. And the body can choose just these nutrients which are needy to overcome the blockades and to bring back the healthy conditions through the supply of vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids and fatty acids.

The critical point in Orthomolecular medicine is to find a balance between the numerous and differently working trace elements and vitamins for the individual situation.

The nutrition elements work together in synergy sometimes supplementing and sometimes reacting against each other. That is why the proper formula should contain the "collaborating" and not "opposing" elements.

* One of the main principles of the method is the understanding that in case of lack of the elements there is a synergy as well – a synergy of deficit.
* The main purpose of complex intake of the food supplements is not to amplify but ensure their effect.
* Their main differences from the existing medications are:Committed effect on organs, cells and systems of the body,
* Absence of side effects and contraindications,
* No age limits,
* Impossibility of overdose.

The effect is proven during years on thousands of patients and can be classified into the following categories:

General effect on the organism –

Improvement of the quality of the raw materials

* pain relief, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic
* System regulation (immune, hormonal, biliary etc.)
* Cure of specific diseases (cystitis, arthritis, sinusitis, maxillitis, bursitis.
* Treatment of central nerve system's disorders and correction of the rhythmic characteristics of the brain areas (insomnia, depression, neuroses, memory problems etc.)

products contain

Mashrooms Ganoderma, Lucidum, Grifola Frondosa, Cordyceps Sinensis – Lentinula Edodes

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS)

Active components:

Amino acids Methionine and Lysine, rich in Saponins and soluble fibers, Pomegranate seeds, Olive leaves oil, Neem tree oil, Cinnamon, Beta-Carotene, organic acids, fat acids, vitamins and minerals, Glycosides and Flavonoids.

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